Why partners should choose us?

Netven’s partners play a critical role in the company’s success as a leading internet service provider. By working together, Netven and its partners are able to offer the fastest and most reliable internet connection in the country. This is made possible through the strong network of partnerships that have been built, allowing for the sharing of resources, knowledge, and expertise. These partnerships have enabled Netven to provide exceptional service to its customers, and the company is grateful for the contributions of its partners. Overall, Netven values its partnerships and recognizes the importance of strong collaboration in achieving success in the competitive internet service provider market.

What advantages will you receive as a Business Partner with Netven?

  • We have a Dedicated Support Engineer / Key Account Manager to resolve all the queries.
  • We are accessible to resolve any escalation or any discrepancies that come across.
  • The network features MPLS technology and guarantees high speeds, emphasizing unrivalled security. Network performance is being hosted in dedicated data centres, ensuring 100% up-times in the backbone and partnership with India’s leading telecommunications companies for interconnections and point-to-point connectivity. These features make your network a reliable and secure partner for businesses and organisations.
  • You can enjoy competitive commission and quick payments via a split payment gateway system as a partner. This offers a profitable and convenient opportunity for growth.
  • Partner network design prioritises capturing partner network design, which helps us recommend the best infrastructure to improve it. This approach ensures that customers receive the highest quality experience possible and that partners are equipped with the resources they need to be successful.
  • We will provide compulsory training and technical documentation to the Partner team to understand the terms and conditions.
Excellent 24/7 customer service

The real test is not how many bells and whistles a company has but how it subdues fires when they occur. We routinely provide more than prompt responses and proactive resolutions. If you think something went wrong, open a ticket through our mobile app, and we’ll fix it right away.

Complete MPLS network with 99.9% uptimes

At Netven, we have skilled MPLS providers for businesses who can securely and reliably manage your network. Our managed network services are provided 24/7 by a secure, resilient infrastructure and come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and financially backed SLAs.

Powerful hub

There are many reasons you might want to improve your Internet signal, including a slow connection, spotty Wi-Fi, and a lack of ports in your home. However, you’ll need a router that matches your speed and has all the features you want. We have the right network backing you up with our 3 independent high-capacity internet routes connected to numerous international stations. Our close tie-ups with the Telcos promise flawless internet connectivity, ensuring that you can keep binging nonstop!

Unrivalled security

Cybercrime and other malicious computer attacks can be devastating and crippling for any business, making them a prime target. It can happen at any time, for various reasons, on an unprotected computer.

Hackers may attempt to gain access to your computer and Internet connection to increase their bandwidth for infecting other computers. Given the widespread use of broadband Internet, it is crucial that every citizen set it up securely for safe use. The enterprise-grade Internet that Netven offers is integrated with next-generation firewalls that ensure everything from malware and virus protection to intrusion detection and content filtering.

Speed Guarantee

Experience the best 100 Mbps per second ultra-high-speed broadband services with us! Awesome, isn’t it? Netven primarily provides residential, business, and SME customers with high-speed data and voice services over the Internet that let them send massive amounts of data.